Cost Containment: Thriving In Adversity


In today’s oil sector, the need for break-through cost containment has vaulted into first priority status. Producers must examine new ‘quick-hit’ strategies that can contribute to economic volumes. Shutting-in is not an option.

One area that is immediately available to reduce operating costs is with simple, high payback improvements in Steam System Management – specifically in the areas of steam trap selection leading to step change reductions in maintenance cost and water consumption. eSteamG are steam specialists in permanent condensate removal systems that result in a proven, step change reduction in trap maintenance —by as much as 90%.

With conventional steam traps, failure rates are typically in the realm of 20% (and higher in colder climates). The resulting workload from failed steam traps can be very costly in terms of replacement effort, line failures, process impacts water loss and even safety risks. In steam systems that consist of thousands of traps this can add up to many thousands of man-hours and entail elevated service company overheads. In some problem areas it is common for trap failures to occur annually or even monthly creating a self-sustaining drain on expense management.

A ‘quick hit’, low cost strategy for meaningful cost containment is to convert your steam traps to non-mechanical venturi traps — make your system virtually maintenance-free, permanently! With an assembly consisting of a venturi unit with no moving parts there is minimal to wear out. Because the venturi works with continuous flow there is no freezing. There are systems that have been running problem free for years in the Alberta Oil Sands. Let eSteamG introduce you to them.

Low Cost. High Payback. 

Thrive in Adversity.