About us

Paul Ballard

Paul Ballard, Founder and CEO

    Paul has over 15 years of experience in managing and successfully delivering steam energy assessment and optimization solutions. Paul has established a unique procedure, utilizing databases with a proprietary sizing algorithm cole taking into account the nuances of a specific mill. Paul demonstrated this while workiup with elegant solutions. He focuses on factors that will have a major impact on a mill, whils, boilers and ng with sawmills, plywood, and particleboard plants with a wide variety of wood species and moisture contents to improve quality and efficiency and/or productivity. His field experience includes working with pulp and paper mills, forest product mills, oil and gas, food processing, fertilizer production and buildings using steam.    

Rory Linden

Rory Linden, CTO

    Rory has 30 years of  practical steam system experience essential to improve steam operations while saving on fuel and maintenance with any company that uses steam. Rory thoroughly analyses data and key information from the  entire steam systems for multiple clients and industries such as oil and gas, food processing, water treatment, lumber, pulp and paper, and more. Rory has a unique ability to accurately analyze issues and problems, and work with management and floor staff to create optimal solutions that fulfill on the needed outcome. Rory specializes in troubleshooting and creative problem solving. Often the most obvious failure in the system is actually a symptom of a larger, systemic failure. By looking beyond the obvious, Rory can use his creativity and experience to identify the real cause of the problem, often keeping expensive machinery running years longer than others are able to, avoiding costly replacement or repairs. Rory recommends practical, cost-effective solutions. Rory’s field experience includes industrial automated instrumentation, calibration, PID programs in multiple platforms and languages, Man Machine Interface integration, conversion and emergency repairs. His experience includes safety interlocks, flow temperature and pressure and boiler turnarounds. Rory’s experience includes years of working with flow meters, temperature controls, and multiple system integration.