Steam Optimization

eSteamG has extensive background in steam and industrial steam applications. This centers around optimizing steam performance for energy intensity – efficiency, productivity, and reliability. This experience has broad and profound application.

Troubleshooting/Problem Solving

eSteamG is able to discover and resolve problems that have existed in some cases for decades, often saving plants and mills millions of dollars in costly repairs and equipment damage. With eSteamG, you get the benefit of our experience, including a unique set of outsider eyes to sleuth out greater efficiency and productivity from your existing plant, people and systems.

Sensors Meters and Controls

Our staff provides expertise in a full array of automation technologies including PLC and HMI programming and systems integration. eSteamG also provides management services for many of its clients. eSteamG Consultants have the flexibility and expertise to offer competitive, cost-effective manufacturing and production solutions to keep your organization ahead of the rest.


eSteamG has extensive experience with fixed orifice technology, including venturis. Venturis are a superior technology to conventional steam traps in certain applications. The eSteamG team has a successful track-record of qualification of steam applications for venturis, correctly sizing the orifice of the venturi as well as implementation, including after sales support.