Steam System Optimization

eSteamG has extensive background in steam and industrial steam applications. This centers around optimizing performance for energy intensity – efficiency, productivity, and reliability. This experience has broad and profound application.

eSteamG offers technical expertise to optimize steam systems. This can be initiated through our steam system assessment. The end result is a system that is more productive and efficient. If you have a specific process or area that is problematical, we can work with you to assess and optimize that equipment.

eSteamG has developed a powerful holistic process to effectively and efficiently discover and identify major issues in an industrial steam system. Then eSteamG works with key personnel to develop and propose solutions in alignment with strategic objectives and priorities. The result is an implementation program outline that rolls out in stages that builds toward the optimal solution.

eSteamG works with clients through every phase from introduction through post installation inspection, monitoring and measuring results, and helping establish maintenance programs to improve the reliability, efficiency, and productivity of your company’s assets.

Our efficiency team is the result of bringing together esteemed specialists from complementary disciplines to combine our abilities for optimal results. eSteamG and associates have been optimizing industrial steam systems in a broad range of steam applications for many years and are committed to building mutually beneficial, long standing relationships with our clients. Key industries: Pulp & Paper, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Wood Products. Key Processes: steam distribution and condensate return systems, Flӓkt pulp dryers, wood drying kilns, veneer dryers and presses, steam coil air heaters, soot blowing systems, heat exchangers, tanks, reactors, space heaters, desuperheaters, and humidifiers.